What is Bobby?

Bobby - Your commuting buddy allows you to automate tasks related to your commutes and execute them to the right place and the right moment without any interaction on your part!With Bobby- Mobility Assistant traveling by car is safer because you won’t need to use your phone while driving to send SMS!This also means more fluid journeys, as Bobby brings you the information you want exactly at the right time. No more searching in your other transport applications.Indeed, with Bobby - Mobility Assistant you can automate the reception of SMS when any of these services become available.


Program tasks in order to get schedules, availabities or send a message to one of your contacts.


Get the schedules of the buses, tramways and subways.


Be notified of the availability of the parkings and of the station of bikes.

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled individuals.

Florent Tio

Project Manager

Vincent Ducastel

Mobile developer

Maxime Millet

Mobile adviser

Geoffrey Roguelon

API developer